10 minute trainer review

Good health is a culmination of a healthy diet coupled with proper workouts. Most people understand the implications of exercises but due to the busy nature of their schedules or even ignorance, they skip this very crucial activity. Many people’s focus is on putting bread on the table and dealing with other pressing matters and hence falls short of time to exercise. But did you know that online 10 minutes of exercises per day can go a long way in securing your health? Yes, that’s right. With Tony Horton 10 minute trainer program that is now possible. The following 10 minute trainer review will enlighten you on how you can compensate for a one hour training session in just less than 10 minutes. So sit back and learn!

What the 10 minute trainer program entails

This program has been distributed into 5 main workouts which are submitted in the form of 5 DVDs upon purchase. The workouts are cut out into 10 minute sessions which 2 extra minutes for warm ups at the onset of the exercises.

The works are go by the following names:

  • Cardio workout
  • Lower body workout
  • Yoga Flex workout
  • Total Body Workout
  • Abs Workout

The cardio exercises

This workout is highly paced and therefore it’s expected that you will undergo lots of sweating. It involves kicking, lunging, punching, jumping, and running which is all aimed at ensuring that you rapidly burn calories and kick start the burning of fats immediately. The moves are very effective and simple at the same time.

Total body exercises

This is an exercise that is commenced by a 2-minute warm up session followed by full body strength exercises. This exercise utilizes all body muscles. It involves military presses, chuck ups, crunches, tricep kickback rows and lunges.

Lower body exercises

This is a part of the most grueling exercises that you will ever perform. It mainly aims at hips, legs and glutes. The major exercises that you will perform here involve squats and lunges.

Abs exercises

As the name suggests this is an abs exercise whose main aim is to realize a 6-pack body. It should be incorporated into your weekly routine at least thrice weekly. It is estimated that you can expect tangible results from such exercise in two weeks’ time.

Yoga Flex workout

This involves yoga moves which last about 10 minutes. You require either a soft surface or a yoga mat. The workouts are shorter compared to P90X and involve wide leg, pigeon stretch, cobbler, side lunge and reverse warrior.

In addition to the DVDs, there is other workout equipment that comes with the full exercise kit and includes cardio belt, rapid results guidebook , resistant band kit , customized workout calendar, workout flash cards, 2 day jumpstart plan, and meals nutritional guide. Depending on where you purchase this program, you can get additional free gifts.

Although the program emphasizes that the workouts will last you about 10 minutes,, you must ensure you spend at least 10 minutes on each workout. This can be attributed ti the fact that at the beginning of the workout, you spend at least 2 minutes on warm ups and also there are some pauses here and there between the workouts.