Do CB1 Weight Gainer Pills Really Work As Advertised?

Gaining weight can be as hard as losing weight. Bodybuilders and people who are suffering from terminal disease are very aware of this. They have to do something special to make their body to consume and store more nutrients. Some people take vitamins and minerals, while others take appetite stimulants. Quite a lot of bodybuilders take steroids, although end up causing more damage than good so often. All these people who are desperate for gaining weight may question themselves “Does CB1 really work?” since they would prefer to switch to something safer and still effective.

For answering the “Does CB1 weight gainer really work?” question, you have to take a close look at the active ingredients of the product. One of the major ingredients is Echinacea. It is a natural extract which boosts immune system and enhances appetite. It makes your desire to eat significantly increased, therefore you eat more and consume more nutrients.

The more calories you consume, the more weight you can gain, thus this puts you in a good start. CB1 also contains Vitamin E and soy lecithin, both are efficacious antioxidants that powerfully fight free radicals and also slow down the processes of aging in the tissues and in the cells.

Supragenix CB-1contains neither harmful chemicals nor steroids, so it is as healthy as natural products. The product is hugely loved in the bodybuilding circle, and many of them are claiming they tested it and satisfied with the results.

Depending on the effects you are after, the dosage varies. You can take two capsules before every meal or you can take only before dinner. The results will be influenced by the dosage, so you have to carefully plan what your actual weight gain goals are. Once you set your goals, then take the appropriate amount of CB1 for achieving a maximum result.

Some of the bodybuilders consume CB1 together with other weight gainers. This makes it harder to assess if their weight gain was caused by CB1, or other products are responsible, or the combination of both worked well.

The big benefit is that CB1 comes with a full money back warranty. Therefore you can order a first shipment and try it for a certain period of time to see if it really works for you. Then if you are not happy with it, you can simply ask for a refund. Still as a matter of fact, majority of people in reviews websites and discussion forums claim it works effectively and they are satisfied. They say they are going to take it for a long period of time in their bodybuilding efforts.

You may be asking yourself “Does CB1 really work?”, however you should know that if you don’t eat enough food and if you don’t select what you eat carefully, all other efforts would be all in vain.